A Third Fashion Slam Dunk for PUMA & Dapper Dan…🏀🎵



PUMA x Dapper Dan is a collab that needs no introduction; but allow us to give you one anyway! 

Third time the charm, the duo are combining forces once more to bring us a new installment of hip-hop and sportswear styles that are ready to take you from the court to the streets seamlessly. Informed and inspired by basketball ballers’ modern pre-game walk, an opportunity for players to show off their iconic fits, Dapper Dan have taken velour to the next level! A new elevated take on the T7 PUMA classic sees it reimagined with gold detailing and embroidery, accompanied by an impressive wardrobe of slam-dunk styles!

 Think sports, with a luxe touch; we’re talking a Mac-style jacket, cropped hoodie, versatile sweater vest and so much more all designed with Dapper Dan’s iconic twist on mainstream fashion and the reliable comfort and flexible flair of PUMA.

 A unique monogram has been created as an ode to hip-hop’s 50th anniversary and acts as the “graphic foundation” of the new collection, influenced by the earliest Dapper Dan designs, the monogram has been blended with archival PUMA classics to bring a taste of vintage to your kick collection! This drop is sure to leave you a step up above the rest, how can you possibly resist. Available at Puma flagships stores and online.

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